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Why do some people like to see their wives having sex with others?

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Sperm competition.

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Taboos are hot.

And breaking taboos is even hotter. Women should not have sex with men who are not their husbands. Men are not supposed to enjoy watching their wives have sex with other men. And it is taboo to say screw my wife for free. Cuckolding is often seen as the fantasy of a jealous man. It is because here the man, who loves his wife so much and whom he secretly sees as his property, watches his wife have sex with a stranger. The idea of taboo and humiliation is what excites the men. And as for women, the idea of ​​bending the marriage laws is a big buzz. Of course, as with anything, mutual trust and respect are required to make it work.

Watching porn.

Plus, watching porn in itself is tantalizing to viewers, but watching your wife share her bed with another man is aking to putting on a show for the husband. Especially if he also can control the whole show with dos and don'ts. Some cucks love to say screw my wife and then to watch their wives get anally fucked when they've never felt the inside of her tight ass before.

Stories from visitors.

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The visual voyeurs

Voyeurs generally enjoy watching their wives screwed more than anything else. They are aroused by the sight of their partners having sex. Our culture is saturated with porn, for better or for worse, and in such a world I think it's cute romantic that many men report that they feel their partners are the most beautiful women in the world and would rather watch them than anyone else found in porn movies.


Suffice it to say that the jargon has changed a lot over the years. Most men cannot give in to the arousal they experience when they think of or watch their wives have sex with other people. Screw my wife is therefore very popular. Wife Sharing is hugely popular to an extent that most of us don't quite understand Cuckoldry, Wife Sharing, Hot Women, it's a much-searched item on the internet.